Sunday, October 4, 2009

He claims to be a Molecular Biologist

Adam McLeod proudly claims to be a "molecular biologist" in his recent presentations, blogs and web sites.
What exactly does that mean? Does he actually have a job working as a "molecular biologist"?
Adam, through personal communications, says that he indeed earned a B.Sc. (1st Class Honors) from Simon Fraser University.
Is he pursuing a graduate degree in "molecular biology" at any recognized institution of higher learning? I don't know, he didn't tell me. When I graduated from a noted university with a major in zoology, I didn't call myself a "zoologist". When I was accepted into a graduate program in sociology, I didn't call myself a "sociologist". So, what does Adam McLeod really mean when he tells his flock that he's a "molecular biologist"?
Some web sites say that he is studying naturopathy. If so, where is he enrolled?
Has McLeod published ANY scientific studies in "molecular biology"? The only evidence that I could find on the record is that he volunteered for a few months at a laboratory at Simon Fraser University.
Calling oneself a "molecular biologist" is not the same as having graduated from a university with a degree with a major in "molecular biology". If Adam McLeod's followers really believe that he has credentials as a "molecular biologist", then let's see proof that he is either a graduate student in that field or that he is employed in a facility or company that is doing that kind of research.
Lastly, how were his recent presentations in Toronto, and Vancouver covered in the press?
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There is no violation of DMCA in this post

In September 2009 two posts on this blogspot about Dreamhealer were basically shut down by Google because of an alleged violation of the DMCA. There were no violations of the DMCA on this post, yet Google had the balls to shut it down. I am reposting it here. 
I think that it was shut down over two years after it was posted in August 2007 because Adam McLeod is in the news again with a new book launch. 

On August 29, 2007 I received an e-mail with an attachment that threatened a lawsuit against me. The term "defendant" was used as if I had actually been served with legal papers by a court.

If you really want to read about Adam Dreamhealer, his struggle to trademark his company's name, and the threats to free speech by his entourage, then I think you need to eliminate the confusion right now.


For a more complete picture of what this is all about,

I suggest that you consult these web sites and blogs.

DMCA censured link to CBC's The Hour Show has been removed

In September 2009, nearly two years since it was posted, Google removed the link to the George Stroumboulopouolos CBC show called The Hour. He interviewed Adam McLeod Dreamhealer on December 4, 2007. The CBC only archives their videos back to 2008.  
This satisfied the complaint. 
Flim-Flam Adam on The Hour
with George Stroumboulopoulos

The link has been removed

Adam appeared on The Hour from Vancouver on December 4, 2007. We asked the CBC's producer about the interview the week before and we got no response. It's really unfortunate that it would appear that the inquisitive minds at the CBC have been too busy to care about the fact that Dreamhealer is nothing more than a manipulative non-faith based non-healer who has zero credibility

How the hell did George Stroumboulopoulos ever get to the point in his life when all his staff did was to quote from one of Adam's book jackets. "Gifted energy healer" indeed.

This university student has been primed by forces that only he knows to continue his gig of mesmerizing audiences with bizarre claims and stage theatrics. If Adam truly believes that he can cure cancer by looking at a fax or picture of somebody across a continent then he has problems.

If, and that is what I believe, he is lying to the public about his powers to heal or to empower others to heal themselves then I'd like to ask him to step forward and present the evidence. James Randi has offered him a million dollars to prove it, and he's been unable to come through with anything.

This is what the CBC has to say the day before the broadcast from Vancouver:

The Dream Healer

Ronnie Hawkins had cancer, then one day, it was gone. How did it happen? Hawkins attributes his miracle to one man, Adam the DreamHealer.

At 21 years old, Adam is known as a gifted energy healer. His teachings and workshops explain how to improve your control over your immune system through combining energy and aura. Adam is the the best selling author of 3 books, 'Dreamhealer: A True Story of Miracle Healing', 'DreamHealer 2: A Guide to Healing and Self-Empowerment: Guide to Self-Empowerment', and 'The Path of the Dreamhealer: The Quantum World of Energy Healing'.

View Dr. Polevoy's complaint to the CBC's Ombudsman