Sunday, October 4, 2009

He claims to be a Molecular Biologist

Adam McLeod proudly claims to be a "molecular biologist" in his recent presentations, blogs and web sites.
What exactly does that mean? Does he actually have a job working as a "molecular biologist"?
Adam, through personal communications, says that he indeed earned a B.Sc. (1st Class Honors) from Simon Fraser University.
Is he pursuing a graduate degree in "molecular biology" at any recognized institution of higher learning? I don't know, he didn't tell me. When I graduated from a noted university with a major in zoology, I didn't call myself a "zoologist". When I was accepted into a graduate program in sociology, I didn't call myself a "sociologist". So, what does Adam McLeod really mean when he tells his flock that he's a "molecular biologist"?
Some web sites say that he is studying naturopathy. If so, where is he enrolled?
Has McLeod published ANY scientific studies in "molecular biology"? The only evidence that I could find on the record is that he volunteered for a few months at a laboratory at Simon Fraser University.
Calling oneself a "molecular biologist" is not the same as having graduated from a university with a degree with a major in "molecular biology". If Adam McLeod's followers really believe that he has credentials as a "molecular biologist", then let's see proof that he is either a graduate student in that field or that he is employed in a facility or company that is doing that kind of research.
Lastly, how were his recent presentations in Toronto, and Vancouver covered in the press?
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